The India EU Water Partnership is an enabling interface for the businesses from the EU MS to get involved through various ongoing initiatives and opportunities with relevant partners in the EU and India. The partnership facilitates unique insights into the current business engagement and provide support to the EU water companies in India, offering strategic recommendations for increased India-EU Business Cooperation.

Water companies from the EU can participate in various IEWP business-related events to showcase their expertise, technologies and innovative solutions to relevant stakeholders in India to contribute to improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of water management in India.

Contact us, if you are a company from the EU interested in business involvement in India with your technologies and solutions in the water sector. Here’s what you can expect from IEWP business cooperation:

  • Support: Comprehensive assistance from IEWP for business cooperation

  • Insights: Gain valuable insights into project opportunities within the dynamic Indian water sector.

  • Networking: Receive exclusive invitations to IEWP’s business-related events, connecting you with key players in the industry.


Let’s connect and explore the potential of your technologies and solutions in Indian water sector.