In addition to the MoWR, RD & GR who is an equal partner in the IEWP, many stakeholders contribute to the IEWP and their number is continuously increasing. Information on stakeholders will be updated on a regular basis.

EU Members States:

The EU Member States (EU MS) provide important steering to the partnership and are the backbone of it. The governance and management challenges of Inter-state rivers in India are similar to those being addressed by the EU Member States through the EU Water Framework Directive. Several EU MS have been very active in India with implementing bilateral activities on water, demonstrating and mutually gaining significant expertise. Thus, the EU MS are consulted for the suggestions and contributions regarding European Expertise, EU Technological Solutions and active EU Businesses in India’s water sector. Mutual benefits are achieved through showcasing the EU MS’ work in events organized within the cooperation framework of the IEWP.

EU Businesses:

One of the objectives of the IEWP is to facilitate the involvement of European businesses by providing technological and infrastructural solutions to India’s water sector and River Basin Management challenges. Thus, making EU Businesses key stakeholders in the partnership.

Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga):

cGanga is a comprehensive think-tank to support the objectives of the NMCG and is a Centre of Excellence for data collection, analysis and dissemination of knowledge and information for the sustainable development of Ganga River Basin.The IEWP in collaboration with c-Ganga intends to facilitate European Businesses to explore and enter India’s water sector and offer innovative solutions. For this, the IEWP has entered into a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with cGanga/IIT Kanpur, Vlakwa/VITO and WssTP with a hand-over during the 4th India-EU Water Forum (13th February 2019, New Delhi).

Other Agencies:

Active collaborations are also being set up with the institutions and agencies working in areas complimentary to the activities planned under IEWP through ‘Joint Expressions of Intent’ or ‘Memorandum of Understanding’. Some of these agencies include: WRG2030, IHE-Delft, Vlakwa, VITO, WssTP and more.